The Unconquered Sun Never Sets

Secrets of a Journey's End

Sidereal Session 2

In the middle of Tako’s exercises in educating Lash, he received a missive from the Bureau of Destiny – sealed with the highest priority. With barely any instructions save to return immediately to The Most Perfected Lotus of Heavenly Design, he immediately excused himself from the Eclipse, fading from memory as he returned back to Yu-Shan towards the nearest Celestial Gate. Having been told to come alone, Tako dismisses Brilliance of the Seas, the octopus godling immediately taking off to the sea to enjoy his newfound vacation time.

With instructions to meet his companions at the Cerulean Lute of Harmony, headquarters of the Division of Serenity, Tako headed to Theater Six, where a performance of “I Want to be Your Hummingbird” is currently playing. Seating himself at his designated location, he makes the acquaintances of Fortuitous Sails, Chosen of Journeys, and Verdant Wings of the Sagacious Skies, Chosen of Secrets. The excitable Journeys conversed with Tako animatedly while the sullen Secrets kept his gaze on the performance, only exchanging small talk with the jovial Endings.

When the performance had ended, they extracted a package from underneath Tako’s seat as instructed and found a most curious piece: [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets]. Surprised at having such an item in their hands, the three Sidereals decide to ask no further inquiries and corroborated their mission parameters: Sails had been informed that their destination is a location somewhere in Gateway, Wavecrest, while Verdant Wings details the rest of the mission parameters: [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets]. It appeared to Tako that he was there as the security detail and to oversee sanctions and assassinations should it come down to that. With that the three Sidereals take the nearest Celestial Gate back to the West.

Upon reaching the familiar marketplaces of Gateway, Fortuitous Sails immediately unfurls the Yellow Path, Mercury immediately showing them their destination: a luxurious-looking mansion in the central business district of Gateway. Upon entering the area, however, they are surprised to find that they are [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets]. Finding themselves at such a queer disadvantage in Creation, the Chosen of the Maidens decide to explore the apparently-empty house, Tako bearing in mind that danger is afoot.

The house appeared to have been abandoned in haste, dust gathering on its floors and the remains of a meal on the dining hall. Forced to explore the house the hard way, the three Sidereals trudged through the foul stench assailing their noses and decided to split up, Sails exploring the ground floor, Verdant Wings taking the second floor study rooms, and Tako wandering around the third floor bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms that Tako entered was a woman’s bedroom, a place of exceptional vanity and luxury. Noticing a hanging portrait on the wall, he is surprised to discover that the house is that of an acquaintance. This was pierced by a terrified scream from Fortuitous Sails down below, igniting Tako’s danger sense earlier and prompting the two other Sidereals to bound down towards the Journey’s aid.

At the basement, they were surprised to discover six embattled individuals locked in a deadly game of slit-one-another’s-throats. Noting the fact that they were all [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets], the three Sidereals recoil in horror as [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets]. The act almost broke Fortuitous Sails’s Willpower and Verdant Wings had to compose himself. Tako was no less surprised and shocked than the other two.

At the battle’s wake, with three of the [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets] left, one of them addressed the three Sidereals, acknowledging their arrival and urging them to finish their task and ignore their presence. When the three Sidereals adamantly inquire about the strange and horrifying incident they could only describe as “Treason to the Maidens themselves”, they are instead asked to seek out The Cobalt Scales of Liberty within the Bureau of Destiny. Having heard of no such office, they are given a riddle in response: “Pierce the Veil of Destiny and be Freed of the Chains of Fate”. With barely little information wrought, the [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets] disappeared.

After finishing their task, the three Sidereals pondered on their next course of action. Drawing decisions from a Wise Choice, Tako is led to encourage his comrades to seek out this mysterious office within the Bureau, which they surprisingly find within its halls – a navy blue courthouse with a statue of a blindfolded man holding a weighing scale on his right hand, a torch blazing with deep blue flames on the other. Peering inside, they are greeted by darkness until it was pierced by a dim blue light, illuminating [Information Redacted by the Maiden of Secrets].

[This entire paragraph has been Redacted by the Five Maidens]

After the curious encounter, the three Sidereals find themselves somewhere within the Most Perfected Lotus, albeit at different locations. Having been instructed to return to their assignments, Tako returned to the Exalts he was overseeing, excusing his absence to being assigned a curious assassination mission from the Bureau of Destiny.

Session Notes:
Experience Awarded:

  • Ings: 2 exp (Completed Session) + 1 exp (Exceptional Role-play) = 3 exp

Background dots obtained:

  • Allies 3 (Fortuitous Sails – Chosen of Journeys)
  • Allies 3 (Verdant Wings of the Sagacious Skies – Chosen of Secrets)
  • Backing 1 (Bureau of Destiny – Convention on Oversight)


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