The Unconquered Sun Never Sets

The Congregation of the Reef

Session 2

The Exalts found themselves sailing towards The Anemone Garden – an island filled with lush and dense vegetation all around it. Reading through Saturos and Menardi’s journal, Lash of the Sublime Heart convinced Night of the Thousand Eyes, Her Sickle from the Lightening Skies, and Ezael Soul-Iris to look into the island’s secrets on pretenses of the breathable water that the island’s mystical pool supposedly possesses. Night of the Thousand Eyes inquired about a location known as Bay Fifteen and Ezael about a place called Silver Cove, but the Eclipse was adamant to pay a visit to the Garden. Under oath from heaven, Night swore to bring Lash to the island in exchange for information about the mysterious Bay Fifteen.

Tako was nowhere to be found, nor can he be remembered. The Sidereal had been ordered by the Bureau to return for a side assignment that would form a dangerous link to his current missions at hand.

They reached The Anemone Garden after two days at sea and Skies immediately took off to conduct a preemptive reconnaissance of the area. She only found three things of noteworthy importance and corroborates what Lash had translated in the journal: the mystical pool of water, a cube-shaped structure made of stone, and rustling amongst the dense foliage of trees that could only suggest the dangerous beast that inhabits the island and roams around during the evenings. Having arrived at evening, the Exalts decide to let the evening pass.

The following morning found them trekking their way through the island’s dense foliage. Ezael closely inspected the flora of the island starting from the shorelines, noting that the plants growing on it were exceptionally healthy and rich. Following the river network that ran across the island, they reached the middle, where indeed the pool of water lay. The excited Twilight discovered a few herbs of exceptional medicinal value, which may be formulated into a poultice for soothing wounds and minor illnesses. Peering through the pool, the waters were crystal clear, a coral and limestone staircase extending around its edges and spiraling downward. Night leads the trek downward, closely followed by Skies and having Ezael and Lash at the back. The water was proven breathable the moment they submerged completely and found themselves taking in water that was welcomed by their bodies.

The staircase gradually expanded to a larger superstructure underneath, eventually reaching a massive amphitheater structure at the bottom. It would have appeared empty had it not been for their sharp senses that picked up a lot of beings that lay in despaired states on the amphitheater’s coral seats: decrepit gods and elementals in varying ages and forms, each one exhibiting some form of weakness or debilitation. Ezael took note of the exceptional glowing plants that cast illumination in the area, pocketing a few samples for his use.

Azure Heart of the Basin, the god watching over the enchanted pool, welcomes the Exalts into the society known as The Congregation of the Reef – a shelter and refuge for gods and elementals that have lost their sanctums and domains and had nowhere else to turn to for aid. The god explained that the poor gods and elementals have lost their domains recently due to a sudden change in their worshipers or having their domains suddenly destroyed by unexpected mortals. Sensing a connection with the rogue god Lurker at the Threshold, the Exalts swear under heaven’s oath once again to include the despaired gods in their objectives.

Much information was gleaned from several gods that they conversed with, pinpointing that the first god to lose his domain was a farming god in the island of Halcyon, to the west of Abalone, and the last god was the island god of the famous Prison Island Alfava Metraxis, who have lost his wardens’ faith and support and have slowly dragged the island to distress. Ezael took notice that most of the gods that have lost their domains are within the agricultural purviews – farm gods, irrigation gods, water source gods, even crop gods. Very few are fishing gods and sea-related divinities and elementals.

Before they parted, the gods asked if the Exalts had slain the beast that was protecting their refuge. Having not taken any chances engaging a potentially dangerous beast, the Exalts say they have not, and the gods offer them safe passage from its dangers as it is the only thing standing as their protection from having the island defiled by the rogue god’s followers as well.

Emerging from the enchanted pool, the Exalts trudge through more foliage and finally reached the mysterious cube-shaped structure. Having been forewarned that the structure is an Anathema tomb that Saturos and Menardi have littered with traps, Night takes charge and scans the surroundings of the structure for anything suspicious. True enough, his senses are proven right as they find an assembly of green jade pebbles that almost resembled animal refuse, had it not been for the fact that it was placed in such a manner that would be unbecoming of animals. A deadly latticework of tripwires also hung after this layer.

Believing them to be pitfall traps and razor-sharp wires, Night takes a closer look at one of the refuse-like pitfalls. Sensing the traps to be of artifice make, he and Ezael collaboratively disarm a line of traps, clearing a path for them to follow. The razor tripwires were easily eluded by Skies lifting them above the deadly network of green jade strings, shaping into the form of a flying animal.

Inscriptions were carved all around the structure and Ezael could barely make out the Old Realm translations of what appeared to be prayer rituals and burial incantations. The structure was hermetically sealed with no trace of a doorway, though keen touch proves that the inside is hollow and there appeared to be a weaker section of the wall. Feeling their way around, Lash catches a lever that she was able to pull, which triggered some machinery whose groaning did not escape Ezael’s ears. They felt around for more such levers and finally a section of the wall gave way to an entrance, the slabs collapsing as their holding mechanisms disengaged.

The tomb was barely superficial, with tapestry that they assessed as moderately valuable. At the burial chamber itself, they were greeted by a bullion of treasure that came with the sarcophagus of the Eclipse Solar that was buried there. Lash excitedly plucked out the artifacts that adorned the sarcophagus, while Ezael felt through the sarcophagus and sensed more treasure inside. They opened the coffin and found the dead Solar’s armor and fist weapons, the Solar itself having been reduced to dust by time. Triumphant at their find, they made their way back to the ship, only after discovering as they emerged how the pitfall trap actually works: a chicken wandering into one, falling into a ten-foot pitfall, the pebbles assembling a sturdy netting that covered the hole, and the poor chicken perishing as poisonous fumes filled the hole.

Deciding to return to Gateway to report to Albatross Mariner and to look into the Blue Lotus, the Exalts returned to the city and consulted with the Deva of Wavecrest, who eagerly took in their reports and thanked them once again for their services. As the Jyliweed specimen they possessed now infested an entire cabin with its thick growth and fragrant flowers, Night orders his crew to burn them at the city outskirts, advising them to wear masks to protect them from its dangerous fumes.

A trip to the Blue Lotus proves both comedic and disappointing as Mitsu Hirato, the Lotus’s manager, fires up in rage at a flustered Lash, who inconsequentially admits to being the carrier of the Jyliweed plant that they were supposed to deliver, its contents now burning in the shores of Gateway as they spoke. Placating the mortal as Skies, in a dog form, put her paws over her head in disappointment and the lurking Night of the Thousand Eyes almost spat out the coffee he was subtly drinking from the refreshments, Lash promises that the package will be replaced and they needed information where the item can be acquired again. Mitsu Hirato consults his records and one name comes up: Silver Cove’s Fakir Farm

Ezael decides to consult his contacts and informants within Gateway before returning to the ship, inquiring about Mark Dawn Treader’s whereabouts. While he is aware that the God-Blooded who set him upon the mysterious task lives in the island of Halcyon and his family owns a vast string of plantations, he currently has no idea of the God-Blooded’s current whereabouts and thus has asked his informants to notify him by letter if they catch wind of anyting.

Lash decides to make a side trip home as the other Exalts returned to the ship. Upon reaching home, she finds that it has not been dusted nor attended to since her departure, the stench of rotting meals on the dining table and cobwebs on the walls. The stench of blood curdles her own, however, as she descended into the basement and found the bodies of three of their family’s trusted servants, their throats slit bloody open. Her flight from the house with her belongings was not uneventful, as she felt eyes trained at her as she left her house in haste.

Surprised at her sudden return with her belongings, Night inquires whether Lash was earnest to go home or to flee it, and it was pierced with Tako’s return to their memories, announcing that he had just returned from a curious assassination mission from the Bureau.

Session Notes:
Experience Awarded:

  • Mark and Dana: 4 exp + 1 exp (Roleplay Plurk) = 5 exp
  • Jeme: 4 exp + 1 exp (Roleplay Plurk) + 1 exp (Translating the JPEG map) = 6 exp
  • Ings: 2 exp (GM-controlled Character until resolved in private) + 1 exp (Roleplay Plurk) = 3 exp
  • Nap: 4 exp (GM-controlled Character and Resolved in private)

Background dots obtained:

  • Artifact 1 (Resplendent Personal Assistant – Wonders of the Lost Age, p.58)
  • Artifact 2 (The Recorder of Everlasting Glories – Wonders of the Lost Age, p.61)
  • Artifact 2 (Orichalcum Reinforced Buff Jacket – See Core Book)
  • Artifact 2 (Orichalcum-Moonsilver Smash Fists – See Core Book)
  • Artifact 1 (Green Jade Pitfall Poison Traps – 20 pieces – See Log above for details)
  • Resources 2 (Exquisite Tomb Tapestries) – this can raise a Resources 2 rating to 3.
  • Resources 4 (Tomb Grave Goods) – this can raise a Resources 4 rating to Resources 5.

Items obtained:

  • Oysterbloom (Healing Herb – Good for four preparations)
  • Aquavine (Medicine Herb – Good for four preparations)
  • Glowmoss (Glowing Herb – Good for two preparations)


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