Azure Heart of the Basin


Essence: 7


Patron God of the Anemone Garden’s Enchanted Pool

A minor god put in charge of a small pool of enchanted, breathable water, Azure Heart of the Basin truly believed he would lead a quiet existence since the early days of the First Age, being left to his own devices and just enjoying the soothing environment. It was during the later days of his existence that he would realize he was meant for something more.

It began with a god – a decrepit-looking divinity who was seeking refuge within his sanctum, having lost his and his domain to that of another minor god who had brutally usurped his place. Moved with compassion and concern, he took the young god in his sanctum and allowed him to stay, respiring through the rich Wood Essence that traveled on the dragon lines of the island. Eventually more gods and elementals flocked to his domain, and he soon found himself organizing a society for abandoned divinities called The Congregation of the Reef.

Powerless as he may be to stop the rogue god usurping the purviews of the poor divine beings, he is resolved at least to find a means to deal with the rogue god somehow, though taking open action would definitely ruin everything he has stood to protect.

Azure Heart of the Basin

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